Since we are currently facing undeniable changes and challenges as individuals as well as a society, SteppingStone Retreat For Enhanced Living is now offering Psychotherapy / Counseling sessions using private HIPAA Compliant Teleconferencing capabilities.

This online video service is very simple to access and use. Also, it is completely private and secure and is not only accepted by, but recommended as an acceptable option by the American Psychological Association.

No software or hardware installation is required by the patient. All the patient needs to do in order to activate the service is Click The Link that is forwarded to them by text message, using either a cell phone, tablet, or any type of computer. Then the patient simply types in their first name at the designated time of their appointment session and they are quickly connected to the Video Session in less than one minute. This service uses high definition video so the quality of the image is excellent.

Currently, Major Insurance Companies, including Medicare, cover this service due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic. For more information or to make an appointment call Dr. William R. Boyd, Jr. at  (423) 775-3618.

Informed Consent for Telepsychological Services

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