Life Balance Checkup

The Life Balance Checkup is designed to determine some specific areas in your life where you may be experiencing balance as well as areas where balance is lacking. This instrument should not be used to label yourself in a negative way or give yourself a clinical diagnosis, as it is not at all designed for that purpose. It is simply intended to provide you with some ideas of areas that should remain the same because there is balance, as well as some areas which could be addressed and improved upon due to imbalance.


Please read each statement carefully. Decide whether each statement Never describes you, Sometimes describes you, or Usually describes you and mark your answer accordingly. The program will automatically calculate your score once you have completed the checkup and will provide feedback of whether you are in balance or out of balance for each of the four Life Balance categories. You will also be provided a summary score which uses all four Life Balance categories to determine your overall status of life balance. If you feel that you could improve in some specific areas, you have the option to set up an appointment to discuss this with Dr. Boyd and even use some of the identified areas from this checkup as relevant goals for your therapy.

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